Circular roof

  • The most long lasting roof
  • Derbitumen inside
  • Derbigum NT Cradle to Cradle
  • ATG System
  • 30 years of circular expertise

A circular flat roof from the recycling of bitumen

Through a unique and patented recycling process, applicator offcuts, old roofing membranes and production offcuts are transformed into a new raw material, Derbitumen. This is reintroduced into the production of high-performance waterproofing membranes. The circle is complete.

The use of Derbitumen in the NT range closes the loop

  • DERBICOAT NT contains at least 30% recycled material
  • DERBIGUM NT contains min 25% recycled material It has received the Cradle to Cradle Bronze certification!
  • Fiber glass and non wooven polyester fleece are made of recycled material
  • 100% recyclable membranes at the end of their life.

Circular roofing is truly the most environmentally sustainable solution

Your choice of roofing system does really have an impact on the planet.


Your flat roof project is an achievement for life. Are you hesitating and would you like to be inspired by the realisation of other buildings similar to yours? Let yourself be inspired … by building sites where the Derbigum NT, Derbicoat NT membranes have added that extra touch that makes all the difference.

Technical specification

With a few clicks, generate your own specifications and find the waterproofing solutions adapted to your project.

Taking into account information specific to your roof such as the existing support, the percentage of the roof slope, the insulation, the downloadable specifications describe, step by step, the appropriate waterproofing system and highlight the points of attention not to be missed for the successful waterproofing of your flat roof with Derbigum NT, Derbicoat NT.

Where to find us?

To obtain the best price quotation, an application according to the rules, the standards in force and an excellent service, contact a member of the Derbigum Approved Contractors network. These companies are approved by Derbigum. They are on the cutting edge of the knowledge, they have followed the latest training courses, both technical and practical, and benefit from Derbigum’s frequent support to offer you perfect waterproofing. Receive a quote without any surprise and an efficient and pleasant service.

Contact us

Whatever your request, your question, you will always be welcome at Derbigum! Our mission is to answer in the most efficient and relevant way possible! Do not hesitate to contact us.

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