Compact automatic spreader

The MINI-MAX is heavy-duty machine specially designed for the total-adherence flame application of DERBIGUM SP and GC.
The Mini-Max gives best results on sites of a minimum surface of 3000 m2.


  • car park slabs
  • Bridges decks or platforms
  • Other construction sites with concrete supports


Waterproofing Type

Product advantages

Product advantages

  • Total homogeneous adherence of the seal thanks its presser-rollers.
  • Automatic system = fast execution.
  • Safe application, since the ramp is operated by remote control.
  • Flexibility as regards type of work site and their accessibility thanks to the compact dimensions of the machines.
  • Economic solution, as the machine requires only a single driver to steer it.
  • Designed for application by rollers of a length of up to 60 meters.
  • Propelled by electric power pack, making it independent as regards energy.

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