Screw pump for DERBISEAL S

With a K15 propeller pump applying DERBISEAL S becomes real easy and fast. Using 30 kg DERBISEAL S refills this technique is particularly suitable for laying diverse insulation boards, as well as for sealing DERBIGUM overlaps.

Product advantages

Product advantages

  • Fast and efficient application technique.
  • Up to 300 m2 of insulation board layed per day by one K15 and 2 persons.
  • In central roof areas only one 30 kg DERBISEAL S refill every 40 m2.
  • Combines Quality, Efficiency, Speed, Safety and Reliability.
  • Low noise due to electric engine.
  • Clean and comfortable work.
  • More safety due to reduced flame use (specifically for the overlaps).
  • For standard size jobs sites the K15 is maintenance free.
  • When using DERBISEAL S one K15 may be used for adhering overlaps as well as insulation materials.
  • 100% no-flame waterproofing application technique becomes possible.
  • The insulation keeps its nominal thermal resistance. No thermal bridging due to mechanical fixations.
  • Powerful esthetics, prohibiting thousands of screw perforation on the inside of a visible metal deck.

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