The bituminous waterproofing membrane in line with the circular economy

  • DERBIGUM NT is a bitumen-plastomer membrane developed on the basis of in-depth knowledge of the raw materials used in DERBIGUM SP FR.
  • It differs from DERBIGUM SP FR by the addition of DERBITUMEN, a raw material resulting from the recycling of application waste and old selected bituminous roofs. Its specific formulation gives it exceptional properties in terms of durability and ecological characteristics.
  • The membrane is provided with two distinct reinforcements offset upwards. Glass fleece and polyester fleece, which give the membrane perfect dimensional stability and excellent tear and puncture resistance.
  • The lower face has on one side a talc-coated edge for a glued or welded application, and on the other side a hot-melt polyethylene edge for exclusive flame application.

Product advantages

Ecological advantages

    • 100% recyclable

    • 100% made with green electricity

    • DERBITUMEN inside

    • 25% recycled materials (PwC certificate available on request)
    • EPD-NIBE n°20200323-8381 (available on request)

    • Environmental benefit greater than other bituminous and synthetic sealants (NIBE fact sheet available on request)
    • Roof CO2 savings calculator (

Estimated durability over 40 years

Download documents

Technical datasheet


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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