The bituminous waterproofing membrane with high-tech coating for rainwater collection

  • DERBIGUM AQUATOP is a waterproofing membrane made from copolymer bitumen, obtained through New Technologies, which gives the membrane exceptional properties.
  • DERBIGUM AQUATOP has a composite glass/polyester reinforcement, impregnated with an acrylic coating (dark grey, light grey and reflective white).
  • DERBIGUM AQUATOP is a DERBIGUM product and represents a new generation of bituminous roofing membranes. It combines a proven and successful technology in bitumen and a strong innovative and functional surface.
  • DERBIGUM AQUATOP is used in combination with DERBIBOND S adhesive and DERBICOAT NT underlay.

Product advantages

Ecological advantages

  • 100% recyclable
  • 100% made with green electricity
  • Rainwater harvesting for sanitary purposes (report available on demand).

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Technical datasheet


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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