Self-adhesive base sheet with adhesive strips

  • DERBICOAT HP SKT is a cold-adhesive base layer composed of an elastomeric bitumen blend and a glass/ non-woven polyester reinforcement.
  • The lower face is covered with adhesive strips,ensuring an optimal vapour diffusion. The side overlap is 10 cm, and closed off by a continuous self-adhesive strip at 7 cm from the edge to avoid flame into the thermal insulation. The remaining overlap width is torch welded providing a 100% secure sealing.
  • The top side is covered with an anti-skid PE foil, allowing only flame application of the top layer.
  • DERBICOAT HP SKT is a base sheet specially developed to be used on heat-sensitive decks, and/or that are incompatible with cold-bonding.

Product advantages

Ecological advantages
Eco-designed :

  • 100% recyclable
  • 100% made with green electricity

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Technical datasheet

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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