The reinforced aluminium foil, auto-adhesive vapour barrier

  • DERBICOAT ALU SA is a self-adhesive vapor barrier membrane specially conceived for use on buildings with high humidity.
  • Its high resistance to treading / footsteps makes it especially suitable for use on steedeck supports but it can also be used on smooth concrete and wood support (combined  application of a cold adhesion primer such as DERBIPRIMER S).
  • On the topside, DERBICOAT ALU SA has a reinforced, puncture resistant and walkable aluminium composite sheet that is covered on the underside with a self-adhesive binder protected by a silicone film that allows a quick installation.

Product advantages

Product advantages

  • Quick and efficient installation due to self adhesive underside.
  • High tread resistance allows for use on steeldeck support.
  • High resistance to water vapor makes it the ideal vapor barrier for projects with a high moisture production (Class E IV).

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