The white reflective bituminous waterproofing membrane

  • DERBIBRITE NT is a waterproofing membrane composed of a copolymer bitumen with New Technologies which give it exceptional characteristics.
  • DERBIBRITE NT is reinforced with a composite glass / polyester reinforcement impregnated with an acrylic coating with a high reflection capacity.
  • The functionality of the DERBIBRITE NT as a passive cooler allows energy savings and reduce production of CO2 during its roof life
  • DERBIBRITE NT benefits from a technology that makes it pH-neutral thus allowing the recycling of rainwater.
  • When installing the DERBIBRITE NT a minimum slope has to be provided in accordance with the national rules and the requirements described in the specifications.
  • The membrane also has a border of 10 cm without coating to facilitate the application

Product advantages

Ecological advantages
In accordance with ISO 14040 standard (Life Analysis Cycle)

  • pH-neutral – U1.3/01-080 (MFPA Leipzig)
  • Recycling – this waterproofi ng membrane is 100% recyclable
  • Climatic change* – 3,4kg CO2/m² but its functionality allows it to comply with the criterion Factor 19 &gt, Factor 4

Factor 4
: European objective that falls within the development of an European strategy for sustainable development in line with the kyoto protocol. It means that by 2050 the products will have to generate twice more value with 2 times less ressources.
Factor 19 : Due to its passive cooling effect DERBIBRITE NT saves 19 times more CO2 after installation than the produced total of CO2 during production.
* Values according with ISO 14040 standard and approved by Ecobilan (report available if required)

Download documents

Technical datasheet


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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