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April 6, 2020
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April 6, 2020

The Soeverein

The Soeverein in Lommel had to be a unique building, a challenge the architects completed astonishingly well. Discover in this show case the challenges the architects overcame.

Standing on the roof of “de Soeverein” gives you a mighty feeling. You find yourself at the same height with the tips of the pine-trees, surrounded by a sea of softly moving woods as far as the eye reaches. Even on the roof, this unique multi-purpose hall doesn’t leave you untouched. A few years ago the town council of Lommel wrote out a design contest which was won by the temporary association of architects “Groupo Dromo”. They designed and build something unprecedented.

The circle-shaped building has a total ground surface of 9,278 m², above it floats the roof of 8,400 m² suspended to two pylons, reminding one of the Golden Gate Bridge. The cable construction puts the multi-purpose hall as a monument in the landscape. The keynote was that the 4,000 visitors had to be an excellent view from the inside out.

It had to be a building of which the people of Lommel could be proud, a public building with architectural value

Arch. Luc Vanroye

The architects wanted to create a lot of space and work at the same time as compact as possible, a round construction turned out to be the best solution. The rest followed kind of naturally. The unique result is hard to describe, you should not only see the hall but also feel it.

Why build such a huge and prestigious project in Lommel? Architect Luc Vanroye explains: “It had to be a building of which the people of Lommel could be proud, a public building with architectural value. Don’t underestimate Lommel. In a radius of 200 km you have a population of 50 million people. Lommel is in the heart of one of the most densely populated areas in West-Europe. Did you know that after Bruges this is the city with the highest number of stays in Belgium ? This is amongst other things due to the presence of Center Parcs. So there are a lot of people around to enjoy the events. This project certainly has its place here.”

On the immense roof of “de Soeverein” the waterproofing is of course important. Architect Luc Vanroye chose a single-layer bituminous solution both durable and fire-resistant : Derbigum. The roof system is : polyethylene, Rockwool (mechanically fastened) + Derbigum Arte single-layer, bonded with the cold glue Derbibond S. Thanks to some technical details supplied by our technical departement, this very complex building turned out very magnificently.

The Soeverein 2
9 278 m2
Lommel, Belgium
Water recycling,