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April 6, 2020
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April 6, 2020

Skygarden – Royal Garden

The excellent resistance of the Derbigum® GC AR against roots was the reason why it was chosen as waterproofing for the new garden roof of the Sky Garden in Reggio in Calabria, Italy. The panoramic terrace of the Royal Garden restaurant offers an exceptional view on the city and is frequently used for parties and receptions.

Derbigum GC AR is a reinforced roofing membrane that corresponds to the very severe EN 13948 standards. It is very reliable and destined for building projects that require exceptional performances.

For the bonding of the roofing membrane the bituminous cold glue Derbibond® NT was used. One of the important advantages of using this technique is that the layer of cold glue also acts as extra waterproof protection layer and as intermediate layer between the deck and the waterproofing.

Some 200 m³ light garden mould and 700 m² drainage and water buffering layers were used. The installation of an underground irrigation system, 4 to 5 cm under the vegetation layer, guarantees the ideal degree of moisture for the grass lawn.

900 m2
Reggio, Calabria, Italy
Green roof,