Chocolate factory Kim’s Chocolates, Tienen
April 6, 2020
Huize Padua
April 6, 2020

Private house Malfrere

The reason for this renovation of this house with enclosed garden was the request of the owner to insulate the roof. Roofer Freddy Vandaele: “The owner wanted to insulate his roof. He also told me he always painted the roof with Derbisilver® to protect the roofing and to avoid colouring of the rainwater. I suggested him to apply a waterproofing layer of Derbibrite NT. Thanks to its white acrylic coating it has a high reflection index so it keeps the house cool. An additional advantage is that the extra protection layer is no longer necessary since Derbibrite NT also avoids colouring of the rainwater.

Kortrijk, Belgium
Reflective roofing,