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April 6, 2020
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April 6, 2020

Pavilion of Armenonville

At the edge of the Bois de Boulogne, not far from the Porte Maillot, lies the Pavilion of Armenonville, one of the most exquisite places for organizing receptions in Paris. Entirely renovated in 2002 and 2003, this old hunting pavilion unites the 18th century elegance of its “Belle Epoque” architecture with the modernity of its equipment.

The salons (2300 m²), surrounded by centuries-old trees offer a breath-taking view on the gardens and the lake. Parties can be held from 2 to 2500 guests in an atmosphere of charm, magic and refinement. This natural treasure in the heart of the city cannot but demand sustainable products that aesthetically also fit in this project. The roof was covered with 500 m2² Derbisedum-tiles and Derbigum SP anti-root.

Creating a green area is aesthetically speaking an obvious solution. It’s a pleasure to be able to enjoy directly after the application of the beauty of it ! What a pleasure of seeing your roof change with the seasons while having a minimum of maintenance!
Also for the roofs in the city this could be an intelligent solution. After all, a green roof regulates the humidity and the temperature in the building ; and it enhanced as well the visual appearance as the thermal and acoustic comfort. Moreover the result is very concrete : recycling of the rainwater, important energy savings and a better air quality.

Moreover the application of pre-cultivated tiles with sedum plants increases the life span of the waterproofing of your roof. The Derbigum SP anti-root roofing was specially designed to withstand roots and has the same durability as Derbigum SP FR : 45 years. The conclusion is therefore obvious : a waterproof solution that gives the best long term investment.
Pavilion of Armenonville roof
500 m2
Paris, France
Green roof,