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April 6, 2020
Carrefour Commercial Center Carosello
April 6, 2020

Novi Park

Novi Park, in the centre of Modena, is a modern, underground, guarded parking lot, open 24/24, situated under the park Novi Sad. Spread over two underground floors, the parking lot offers space for 1720 cars. It is accessible via two entrances, one at the Viale Fontanelli and one at the Viale Monte Kosika, other than that, different access points for pedestrians are present, in these areas a number of extra services are available.

DERBIGUM® GC AR was chosen for the waterproofing for the entire surface of the parking lot because above it is a park. This reinforced waterproofing membrane can withstand the roots of plants without therefore hinder the good development of the plants.

On top of the waterproofing of the parking lot, the park Novi Sad was developed. The park is a public park, open to all the inhabitants of Modena.
Modena, Italy