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April 6, 2020
Metro Cash & Carry
April 6, 2020

Huize Padua

"The building has no air conditioning and ventilation through the windows is often diffi cult because of the separate closed rooms. The temperature during the summer easily reach 30°C”, says Wil van Gaal of the Bureau Facilitaire Zaken van de GGZ."

"With DERBIBRITE NT® on the roof, the temperature stays under the 25°C. During the hot summer month of July 2006 we were able to make a good comparison between the parts of the building which had already DERBIBRITE NT on the roof and the parts where the roof was still covered with traditional bituminous waterproofi ng. The inside temperature under the white roof was 5°C lower. But the feeling was bigger. DERBIBRITE NT increases the welfare of the clients and the employees."

3 020 m2
Boekel, The Netherlands
Reflective roofing,