Private house, Waregem
April 6, 2020
MPI De Lange Munte
April 6, 2020

Domain Bois d’Avroy

In May 2013 the renovation works at the roof of the domain started. The existing waterproofing and the insulation were removed and replaced by a layer Derbitech FA, a base layer Derbicoat S and cold glue Derbibond NT.

The waterproofing that was used is the Derbigum SP FR. The roof is composed of three different parts, on different levels with chimneys and upstands. The renovation was done one roof at a time and the works were divided in different phases.

The building has a height of 36 m so special attention was given to the security on the jobsite.

The works ended in August 2013, in all they took some 3 months.

Domain Bois d’Avroy 2
1 195 m2
Liege, Belgium
Traditional flat roof,