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April 6, 2020
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April 6, 2020

Chocolate factory Kim’s Chocolates, Tienen

Kim’s Chocolates N.V. is a business specializing in the manufacture of chocolates. In 2007 the production site and offices moved to Tienen. In a 12.000 m² brand new building the finest chocolates, in all shapes and sizes, are prepared.

The roof is covered with the white waterproofing membrane Derbibrite NT in order to reflect the summer heat and to increase the output of the solar panels. The choice for this ecological roofing membrane corresponds to the company’s general strategy of sustainable construction. Unizo (union of independent entrepreneurs) noticed this and rewarded Kim’s Chocolates with the prize for “most energy-saving Small and Medium Enterprise in Flanders 2008”.

Chocolate factory Kim’s Chocolates, Tienen 2
12 000 m2
Tienen, Belgium
Reflective roofing,