Novi Park
April 6, 2020
Skygarden – Royal Garden
April 6, 2020

Carrefour Commercial Center Carosello

For the renovation of the parking lot of the commercial centre Carosello de Carugate, in the region of Milan, DERBIGUM® GC was chosen. This bituminous waterproofing with extra reinforcement was especially designed for use on rideable surfaces.

Another important advantage of the Derbigum GC is the possibility to apply the road asphalt directly, without extra protection, onto the roofing membrane. The membrane resists without any problem the high temperatures during application.

In order to avoid difficulties with the existing structural joints, Flamline® junctions were chosen for these crucial points. Because the overlap itself is vulcanized on the jobsite, it adapts perfectly to the situation present. The overlap is preformed, very elastic and perfectly compatible with bitumen.
10 000 m2
Carugate, Milan, Italy