Beckenried Viaduct
April 6, 2020
Antoing Viaduct
Antoing Viaduct
April 6, 2020

Arbre Viaduct

Arbre viaduct : europe’s longest Near Ath, the HST crosses the Dender Valley. In one swoop, it negotiates a large series of natural and artificial obstacles by means of the 2,005-metre-long Arbre Viaduct.

This is the most remarkable construction work on the HSL Western Branch, as the specifications involved were very difficult to meet. Indeed, the designers had to take the highly unstable substratum into account, ensure that the traditional Hainaut landscape was impacted as little as possible, and keep noise pollution to an absolute minimum for the neighbouring village of Arbre.

The result was a construction involving an impressive number of engineering feats: the foundation was constructed without expansion joints on micro posts, isostatic arches and bearers, U-shaped arches, and replaceable prestressed cables. These are all innovations that were used later in other construction work for the Belgian high-speed network.

Source: Infrabel - HSL, 300 kph on the Belgian rail
36 000 m2
Arbre, Belgium
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