Arbre Viaduct
April 6, 2020

Antoing Viaduct

HSL Western Branch crosses the river Scheldt at Antoing thanks to the Antoing  Viaduct. With a length of 438 metres, it bridges the entire Scheldt valley.

The largest arch spans 120 metres and is reinforced with a steel arch. It consists of a concrete plate in prestressed concrete with lateral reinforcements in the form of pre-arched and prestressed concrete steel girders. The longitudinal girders of the main arches have been constructed to almost fully encapsulate the rail bedding and so act as an efficient sound barrier.

A mixed concrete and steel construction like that of the Antoing Viaduct ensures great rigidity. Moreover, the construction is thermally inert: changes in temperature do not cause the structure to contract or expand. This is very important for the stability of HST rails: they are constructed as one uninterrupted whole without expansion joints.

Source: Infrabel – HSL, 300 kph on the Belgian rail
8000 m2
Antoing, Belgium
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